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Used Mac Laptops must be your 1st Choice for buying notebook computers nowadays. They help save your money and you can still enjoy the highest-quality experience with Apple-certified refurbished laptops. All of them have undergone a strict refurbishment process after being returned by other users. The refurbished laptops that you will receive are as good as new. Apple guarantees you by providing Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty. You can purchase AppleCare Protection Plan to lengthen the protection period to three years.

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Tip: Buying refurbished Mac helps you save about $200 to $700. Use the saved money to upgrade your Mac, like hard disk and RAM. Then…you will enjoy a as good as new and higher-quality Mac at the same price as buying a brand-new Mac.

All about Apple Refurbished and Used Mac Laptops

Do you know what the fastest and user-friendliest computer is? It was introduced in January 1984. It is called apple Macintosh computer. With the high speed and ease of control, it gives all users a good quality experience at home and work. If you do not have a new Mac laptop, you can also enjoy the same experience with refurbished Mac laptops.

Although Macs are popular nowadays, it was not the product that Apple focused on at the beginning. Its competitor was the Lisa, another Apple’s product. Comparing to the Lisa, Macs were easier to use and more cost-effective. Macs, as a result, brought more profit to Apple. When Apple wanted to take more profit from the market, they produced Apple II, the first home computer. However, facing the competition with Microsoft PCs, it could not compete even though Apple IIs are actually better than PCs. The reason was that was more expensive. Since then, people who wanted to use Macs, started buying refurbished and used Macs in order to save money.

Macs are expensive but they are worth the high price because they consist of the best components. That is to say that some parts like processors, screens and hard drive can last for a longer time without any problems. Apple is used to collect used Macs from Apple's Return and Refund Policies. They then test the Macs and deal with all defective parts with replacement.

Apart from buying refurbished Macs, you may try to do it yourself. The components are easy to buy and the instructions are available online. Actually some companies have this service as well but the quality is not guaranteed.

Although it is possible to refurbish Macs, the process of dealing with Mac laptops is much easier than that of Mac desktops, like iMac, because the design of Mac desktops prevents normal users from entering the inside. It requires much more effort. In contrast, Mac laptops can be easily opened which means that you can change the component like RAM chips, processors and optical drives readily.

The price of Apply refurbished products like used Mac laptops is normally lower than the new ones. According to Apple, the refurbished laptops, which are bought from Apple online store, will get guaranteed a 1-year warranty by the company itself. If you want to extend it, there is an optional 3-year warranty available. The following statement, found on Apple website, may give to more confidence."Apple Certified Refurbished Products are pre-owned Apple products that undergo Apple's stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. These products have been returned under Apple's Return and Refund Policies. While only some units are returned due to technical issues, all units undergo Apple's stringent quality refurbishment process."